At the helm of The Allen Project is  Shenae Johnson-Allen, known for her innate ability to administrate order, fluently articulate written proposals and build noteworthy business portfolios.

Her development of professional services offered by The Allen Project combines innovative techniques, business writing expertise and proven industry knowledge to produce award-winning results. Having over 15 years experience in both corporate and non-profit sectors, Shenae  contributes to the team a passion and skill set to help your organization advance to the next level.  

In her current role, Shenae helps ensure consistent best practice methods  to connect with your vision, provide services tailored to suit your business needs and thereby supersede client expectations time and time again. 

Current services offered by The Allen Project include proposal development, workshops, and business administration support. To date our team of proactive professionals have secured various local city government, and military contracts, helped numerous start-up businesses and provided the administrative structure necessary for other small business expand to new horizons.  

In looking for a team to help develop your goals and fund your future sustainability, The Allen Project is your go-to resource"