At the helm of The Allen Project is  Shenae Johnson-Allen, known as "The Procurement Professor" for her ability to help educate small businesses on financially profitable means to enhance the sustainability of their enterprise.  Her leadership in developing noteworthy proposals combined with innovative techniques, business writing expertise and proven industry knowledge has made The Allen Project a "go-to resource" for award-winning results. Having over 15 years experience in both corporate and non-profit sectors, Shenae  serves as Principal Consultant with a team of proactive professionals  committed to serve your business needs. 

To date The Allen Project has helped secure various local city,  federal government, and military awards, aided numerous start-up businesses and provided grant writing expertise to support multiple Non-profit and Faith-based Organizations. 

Our Mission is to serve small enterprises as the "heartbeat of future vitality in our communities".  We would love to be of service to you!