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The Allen Project Web Designs (2).png

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

We do NOT accept checks. Electronic payments preferred: PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Square/Intuit

Can I Schedule a Face-to-Face Appointment? we maximize the power of our "remote service capability" utilizing Zoom as our "visual face" platform. Feel free to schedule: https://bit.ly/TAPcalendly

Do You Offer Free Consultation?

If you're a New Client, unsure, have questions, need info before proceeding? Let's talk: https://bit.ly/NEWclientcall


How to Book Shenae as a Speaker?

Shenae delivers a "Signature Experience": high audience impact, transparent  and organic connection, and inspiring responses. Currently booking both virtual and in-person events: https://bit.ly/bookingSJA


Join our Referral Community and get P.A.I.D. Send us your friends for services and when they book, YOU get paid. 


What's Your Areas of Expertise?

Technical Writing, Proposal Development, Training/Facilitation, Government Contracts, Executive Administration, Business Support

What Can I Expect?

Professionalism, Timely Execution and Quality work in a skilled range of services. We serve High Earning Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Non-Profit Organizations. Take a look: https://bit.ly/TAPservices


What are the Business Hours?

We believe business excels with a FRESH approach to service provision, therefore we provide focused energy M-TH 10am-3pm PST, and refresh (closed) F-SU. However, we offer 24/7 Text 562.485.4452 and email: theallenprojectva@gmail.com 


What are the Usual Terms?

We operate with transparency and outlined understandings. Take a look at our Project Flow and Sample Service Agreement for details


What Is The Allen Project?

Minority Woman-Owned firm created to support Small Enterprises (both for profit and non-profit) in building sustainability. Our mission is to serve the heartbeat of future vitality in our communities. 

How are Services Priced:

$$, range $85+up. We are exceptionally affordable, priced comparably to competitors, and deliver well above our market rate.