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The Allen Project Web Designs (2).png

What Forms of Payment are Accepted?

We do NOT accept checks. Electronic payments preferred: PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Square/Intuit

Can I Schedule a Face-to-Face Appointment? we maximize the power of our "remote service capability" utilizing Zoom as our "visual face" platform. Feel free to schedule:

Do You Offer Free Consultation?

If you're a New Client, unsure, have questions, need info before proceeding? Let's talk:


How to Book Shenae as a Speaker?

Shenae delivers a "Signature Experience": high audience impact, transparent  and organic connection, and inspiring responses. Currently booking both virtual and in-person events:


Join our Referral Community and get P.A.I.D. Send us your friends for services and when they book, YOU get paid. 


What's Your Areas of Expertise?

Technical Writing, Proposal Development, Training/Facilitation, Government Contracts, Executive Administration, Business Support

What Can I Expect?

Professionalism, Timely Execution and Quality work in a skilled range of services. We serve High Earning Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Non-Profit Organizations. Take a look:


What are the Business Hours?

We believe business excels with a FRESH approach to service provision, therefore we provide focused energy M-TH 10am-3pm PST, and refresh (closed) F-SU. However, we offer 24/7 Text 562.485.4452 and email: 


What are the Usual Terms?

We operate with transparency and outlined understandings. Take a look at our Project Flow and Sample Service Agreement for details


What Is The Allen Project?

Minority Woman-Owned firm created to support Small Enterprises (both for profit and non-profit) in building sustainability. Our mission is to serve the heartbeat of future vitality in our communities. 

How are Services Priced:

$$, range $85+up. We are exceptionally affordable, priced comparably to competitors, and deliver well above our market rate. 

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