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Isn't it time we leveled the playing field to gain funding access? Well, now is that time! Take advantage of every opportunity to be "Seated at the Money Table".

  • SBE - Small Business (USA wide)
  • MBE- Minority Owned (USA wide)
  • WBE- Woman Owned (USA wide)
  • DBE- Disadvantaged (USA wide)
  • VOBE- Veteran Owned (State of CA)
  • SDVOBE- Service Disabled Veteran Owned (State of CA)
  • LSBE- Local Small Business (LA County)
  • CBE- Community (LA County)
  • SE - Social Enterprise (LA County)


  • All Payments are 100% non-refundable. All fees are due in full before the Project scheduled start. Installment plans are available upon inquiry. Installments have a 20% surplus and require Payment Authorization for recurring autopay to be on file. Payments not made in accordance with the Installment Plan will incur a late fee (3% of the total original total package cost). 72 hours of delinquent installment not received will require payment in full to proceed.

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